A break from blogging


A night out with my friends, a rare treat! I started out with a quick podcast interview, met some more buddies in town and jumped in a cab heading for Atlantis, a club on the outskirts of Nagoya.

I ate BBQ, lost (badly) at darts, heard some mates spin, then headed off at the uncharacteristically early time of 10:30pm. I caught the subway then had the bright idea of grabbing an overhead train to my school to pick up the bike I had stashed there. As I beeped through the ticket gate I noticed I had zero minutes before my train left, potentially leaving me with an agonizing 15 minute wait with nothing to pass the time besides a finished Bill Bryson book and a smartphone with such little battery life left it was looking to retire in Florida.

I bolted down the stairs like an athletic sprinter, forgetting my body is actually more akin to a mosquito with its wings pulled off. My left lanky leg thought it a great idea to wrap itself around my right foot; I flew forward, arms extended to cushion the blow but too skinny and limp to do little else besides bruise, buckle and break. I face-planted at the bottom of the stairs, cheek grazed, my lip cut, tooth chipped, knees bruised and right arm in considerable pain.

I picked myself up, sucked my bleeding lip, clutched my aching arm and staggered aboard (coming down the stairs so quickly meant I actually made the train). My British sensibilities demanded that I continue to pretend everything was fine for the entire ride, people staring at the odd, hunched over battered boy who was thinking what his plan of action would be.

I stumbled home, slept (kind of) and went to the hospital the next morning. After a few hours, some painful x-rays and an overpriced sandwich from Starbucks I had some painkillers, a cloth sling and an apology for there not being a suitable doctor to help me. I had a slightly better night sleep on Sunday, the pills knocking me out, and had a teacher lined up to steer the ship the next day at my preschool.

Monday was an oddly enjoyable day, getting my arm in a cast, fixing my tooth and running errands. I squeezed in a 6 minute nap between appointments and doing the laundry and got to the school for the last 20 minutes or so, the kids hugging my legs, the parents gasping at the cast and my daughter keen to tell all her friends how hurt I was.

The upside to all this is that I am once again reminded how lucky I am to live in a country that is efficient and flexible in equal measure; the downside is that I have to type everything with my left forefinger, like a geriatric grandad who just found out email exists. These 500 odd words took me the best part of an hour to type, so for the next few weeks, the blog posts won’t be coming so thick and fast (I hate to disappoint all 4 of my readers), but the podcast should still be weekly, if not edited so deftly!

short sleeved shirts for the next 3 weeks