Asian Noodle


My wife took me to Asian Noodle when we first starting dating nearly a decade ago, and I haven’t found a place that comes even close to serving a Tantan-Men that is anywhere near as delicious. It might be nostalgia clouding my judgment, but for me, it is one of the best places in Nagoya to get these spicy noodles.

Tantan-Men is a hot bowl of noodles with a dollop of spicy ground meat resting on top. At Asian Noodle, the broth is fused with coconut, so it has a very thick, rich taste. There are a few branches of the restaurant scattered around Nagoya nowadays, it verging on being a chain may damage its credibility to some, but I have only ever been to the original store in the Chikusa area, so I can’t speak to the others (although I’m sure they are great too).

This was our first time heading back since my daughter was born, so we had forgotten how spicy everything was, even a shrimp-mayonnaise salad was fused with enough black pepper to make it too spicy for my three year old, which means the chances of us going back anytime soon are slim to none…so we both savored every last bite of our noodles (my wife sneakily eating the lion’s share).

We got noodles, a salad, a bowl of white rice, a desert and a huge whisky soda for myself and the bill came in at a little under 3000yen, which is not too shabby! The menus are completely bilingual, the staff are extremely friendly and it is amazingly clean, many other noodle shops have sticky floors, greasy counters and torn upholstery, but they have somehow kept it serviceable, if not a little worn down.

It is a little far from any train station, and the area isn’t the nicest for an evening stroll, but they have a free car park for any designated drivers, but no matter how you arrive, it’ll sure be worth the trip!