Ca’del Muro


It’s always a risk finding a nice new independent restaurant; either it will be terrible and you’ll waste your night and appetite, or you’ll fall in love, and have a constant stone of anxiety lodged in your gut weighing you down, as you fret about whether or not it will weather the competitive gourmet market in Japan and stay open! Thankfully Ca’del Muro falls into the latter category…and hopefully it’s not going anywhere!

Freshly opened, the store has a lot to prove, and whilst most places in Japan think of pasta as sloppy noodles slathered in tomato ketchup (Nagoya has it’s own “Neapolitan” that is just plain grim), the food on offer here was fantastic. The handmade pasta was ever so slightly firm, and twisted into a rich, creamy tomato sauce. We also indulged in some lamb kebabs, which were succulent, tender and perfectly pink in the middle. This was all topped off with a classy little espresso and a tiramisu that was so inviting, it was eaten before I could get my camera out.

It is a little pricey, with a meal probably running in at 4000yen per head if you get drinks, but it’s worth it to get such amazing Italian food, and supporting a local business-owner is a very nice added bonus. You can check out their details here (link), or you can do things the old fashioned way and give them a call on 050-5594-3852, tell them Adam Miller sent you…they won’t have a clue who that is, but it’d be funny!