Crazy Duck Burgers


It seems there has been a burger explosion in Aichi since I first landed here 9 years ago, back then I used to holiday in Tokyo just to enjoy the exotic and elusive Burger King, but now we have two of those in Nagoya, plus a plethora of independent chains, from gourmet to classic diners, Hawaiian to biker bars, so whilst I had to travel miles to get a whooper, now I can barely cross the street without being pelted in the face with a greasy patty (I literally use hyperbole better than anyone else in the world!).

So with it being a crowded market, burger bars have to have something to help them stand out, luckily Crazy Duck in Kasugai city has a lot going for it. First up, the interior is cool and hip and other adjectives normal people no longer use, and whilst it has only been open for a little over a year, it very much already seems part of the landscape in Kasugai, with a pleasant lunch crowd and a more rowdy customer base in the evenings. Secondly, the portions are huge and really cheap, a burger will set you back 600yen and comes with (a few) fries, and the table next to ours couldn’t even get half way through their pasta dishes. Lastly, and probably most importantly…the food is good!

I only sampled their burgers and a Crazy Salad, and both were great, the salad was a little soggy towards the end and the burger was so juicy it spat at me, I’m guessing in annoyance at me trying to digest it. But it had nice thick, chunky bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh veggies, and pickles…I’m not a huge sweet pickles guy, but I still devoured the burger in minutes. I was full for the day and ready for a nap, but luckily I had a nice cool beer (Long Board Lager) to keep me awake. Their beer selection is also pretty good, with cheap draft (450yen) and around 20 bottled beers at 600yen a pop. They also have milk-shakes that I didn’t try, but the unbiased staff told me they’re great, and you can even order alcoholic versions if you are so inclined.

Crazy Duck may not be the best burger in Aichi, nor the cheapest, but on the value-to-quality scale, it fares extremely well and any living in the area should check it out.