Eel Cola


The Kimura Drinks company are famous for their eccentric beverages, and I have such a soft spot for this scrappy little family business that one of the best bits about road-trips is dropping by service stations and trying their wares. I’m already a big fan of their Shizuoka Cola, a green concoction that is laced with green tea, and whilst their Wasabi and Curry Lamune (like lemonade I guess), weren’t the best drinks in the world, I was pleasantly surprised with their Eel Cola.

Eel is a real culinary treat in Japan, and with dwindling wild numbers, the dish is becoming increasingly expensive in the face of unwavering demand. The drink is not so eel heavy, which may disappoint some, but will come as a relief to the vast majority of us. It is by all intents and purposes, a regular cola, sweet, fizzy and refreshing. It has a slight aroma of unagi-don (eel on rice), but is not so like the animal itself and more reminiscent of the thick brown sauce that the eel is brushed with before grilling, which is itself extremely thick and sweet, and not a million miles away from an off-brand cola.

I wouldn’t say this topples Shizuoka Cola as the top dog of weird drinks, but it is reassuringly normal and pretty darn tasty. Check out the rest of their odd menu by clicking right here…or here.