Kakuozan Larder


Kakuozan Larder is a tiny little nook in the ever-so-fashionable Kakuozan neighbourhood of Nagoya City. They serve a selection of treats, including some of the meatiest burgers in town!

Before The Larder was a classic hamburger joint, it was a cool little cafe, before that a snazzy yet oddly rundown bar. It’s most recent incarnation is a nice balance of being clean and welcoming, yet off the wall enough to attract cool bands willing to squeeze into the claustrophobic space.

There is a long list of burgers, all great and hearty, but a little on the salty side for this delicate little flower. What won me over was their amazing collection of international craft beers, I developed a liking for ale as a student in Norfolk (the UK one), and whilst that made me an eccentric alcoholic a few years ago, I’m now mistaken for a hipster…and I know that saying I liked ale before everyone else is yet another hipster trapping to fall into!

My wife and daughter were also taken with one of their signature deserts, vanilla ice-cream, a healthy dollop of cream and cinnamon sprinkled corn chips, which may seem like an odd choice to some, but were absolutely amazing!

It might not be the best burger place in Nagoya, but it ranks in my top 5, is very reasonably priced, has great food, friendly staff and a rotating beer selection! Be sure to check out their Facebook page here for more details.